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August 31, 2008


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Well said, Erato! :)

Personally, I don't know that I'll *never* give in and purchase an eReader, but there is no way it could ever take the place of real books for me.
Like you, I find the whole tactile experience of books to be part of what makes reading so wonderful, and I couldn't give it up.
And for me, the worst case scenario would be something happening to the Reader - it would be like a fire ravaging through a library - horrible! Imagine losing all those books if there were ever some kind of glitch, or the Reader was accidentally smashed?
So it's a "thanks but no thanks" for me -- I think I'll hang on to my cumbersome, old-fashioned, well-loved books too! :)


What a controversy. I feel like we're moving from horse and buggy into the era of the automobile. I'm still not sure the horses weren't a better choice....

In this instance, I lean toward traditional paper and ink books, but if I were to invest in electronic technology, why would I chose an itty bitt screen that I needed to peer at? Or am I not envisioning these things right?

Why not get a teeny little Ipod and listen to books on tape, instead? I could lean back, close my eyes or perhaps knit a few sweaters and let someone read to me.

One of my favorite aspects of childhood was being read to. I almost hated to learn to read for myself because then no one would read to me.

I have so enjoyed audio books -- if the voice is right. And that may be as close to an electronic reader as I'll ever get.

Interesting post, Erato. Thanks for making me think about all of this technology!

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